The Critics Love This New Children's Classic!

Randy and the Museum of Suet

by Hilary R. Anderson

"This book is just fucking insanely great."

Highlights Magazine

"One of the best children's books I've ever read. It fucking rocks."


"Anyone's who's ever given Epictetus or the early gnostic philosophers even a cursory reading will know the feeling of what might be called 'muddled clarity' that one finds with this book. The prose is firm, purposeful, and yet (as Tallyrand was said to have remarked to one of his mistresses) 'really good'. One might describe it as a sort of miasmic, ontological stew -- or a varietal of sublime nose and piquant bouquet -- and not be too far off the mark.

"The pictures gave me a woody."

The New York Review of Children's Books

"The book compares favorably with classics of the genre: Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are', the final, uplifting pages of 'Go Dogs Go' -- even the seldom-read classic 'The Cat in the Hat Undergoes Emergency Treatment for Renal Blockage'. Overall, a powerful, extraordinary, and timely work. Anderson deserves a very special treat for her effort. Let's everybody say 'Thank You' to Hilary. Thank you, Hilary. You may return to your seat."

Mrs. Jamison, Lewis Lapham Middle School

"Anderson shares with Cheever and Doris Lessing the ability to describe passing details with a sublimity that belies the normative gestalt that anchors them in daily life. Whoa oaaaah a wooah me gotta go."

Richard Berry, lyrics to "Louie Louie"

"You motherfuckers are in a hell of a lot of trouble."