General News

Bill Ackerman III, '77, reports that he has changed his name to Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah Ackerman III and has opened a chain of Islamic sportswear stores.

Kenneth Morland, '79, wrote in June to say that he had "a piece of dirt or lint" stuck in his left eye.

In May, the Far Out Gallery in Spokane held an exhibition of paintings of several artists, including Morris Regaluto, '84, and Joan Jennings, '85. The public's reaction was not favorable and no paintings were sold, and an inebriated passerby attempted to set fire to the building.

Joseph DeTouche, '92, recently completed the New York Marathon. Mr. DeTouche had begun the marathon in 1984.

Horace Little, '69, is starring in the Edgewater Theatre's production of King Lear. Mr. Little, who recently returned to Oregon after a nine-year coma, plays a servant.

Julia Macintosh, '93, received her M.A. in Forensic Endocrinology from Simon Fraser University this June. She will spend the summer in the trunk of her car before returning to the Ph.D. program in the fall.

Ginny Krinkle, '45, writes that she is "wasting away" in a pensioners' home in Odwalla, Oregon.

Mark Hacren, '98, reports that he is working as a waiter and playing bass in a rhythm and blues band. In fact, over thirty-five members of this class are doing the exact same thing.

Barry Boulton, '76, writes that he killed a man in a barfight in Durango, Colorado, in March.


Bill Farley, '87, recently had a book of poems and drawings, entitled The Spider Bit Me, published by Otheal Press in Seattle. The book is intended as a "free-form open letter" to his mother, whom he despises.

Melissa McCamp, '92, published an article in the Northwest Law Review entitled "The Legal Rights of Assholes."

Mark Twomlin, '84, has just had his tax returns published by the Internal Revenue Service.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages

Denise Knowland (nee Spartler), '56, passed away in July after a long fight with her husband, Dennis. Ms. Knowland was a wine connoisseur and polo enthusiast who ate schoolchildren. She is survived by her husband, Dennis, and several "malicious cats." In Buffalo, New York.

Roger Slathman, '55, died in February. Mr. Slathman, President of DataTronics, Inc., was a philanthropist who gave large sums of money to charity. In 1982 he was named a Bortnier Fellow for his work with canaries. He is survived by his brother Albert, although not willingly. Of cancer of the bridge of the nose, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thomas Klaphop, '93, and Deborah Klaphop-Huphead, '94, announce the birth of a daughter, Lisa Marie Elvis Presley, in September. This is their third child, and, according to Ms. Klaphop-Huphead, the first to work out.

Theodore Whisman, '87, and Judy Martinet have a baby boy, Trevor. He was found in a dumpster.

Fiona Blakely, '95, married Steven Gerhart, '95, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in May. Fiona is a graphics artist employed by the firm of Bateman, Hardlick, and Stouffer. Mr. Gerhart is a loutish sycophant who married her for her money, as, he writes, "she is certainly no more handsome than your average prawn."

Robert Heath, '03, and Rebecca Terence, '04, were married in May, in Portland. The Alumni Office doesn't give this one very long.

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