Suggested New Topics for the Reed College Alumni Online Conference

Topic Name Subject
Dealing with Death And/Or Breakfast Death, breakfast
Mama Mia! Currency fluctuations in the 17th-century Venetian city-state
Mateo's House of Scabs and Fluids Haven't decided yet
The Science Section New speculations about the Grand Unification Theory, plus posts about girls and boobs whenever we think the girls aren't looking
Toads Toads
The Monkees I think this would mostly be about Mickey, although if people wanted to post the occasional piece about Peter or Michael, that would be okay. I don't think we'd allow too many Davey posts, though
HunnnnaWHOOOAAAaaaahweeegh Masturbation
What's Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream? Chocolate
Stereo Equipment, Cars, Pamela Anderson, Guns, Hookers, Pro Wrestling, Beer, Hooters, Football, and Haile Berry Currency fluctuations in the 17th-century Venetian city-state
Everything NOT Indiana Anything we want, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with Indiana
Adventures in the Reed Steam Tunnels I can see, like, vapor trails when I wiggle my fingers, man
Why Did I Get That C+ in U.S. History? Those bastards