Panoramic Pictures

A camposanto, or graveyard, in Chiquimula department, Guatemala. Because it was almost Easter, the place had been spruced up. If you look carefully, you can see beer cans and cigarettes left as tokens at the grave of Jim Morrison.

When it's 100 degrees out, and you're bicycling, this sort of landscape seems less than romantic. It looks foreboding, frankly, and the chalk outlines of previous bicyclists don't help. In Honduras.

But these are small countries, and I was less than a day's ride from those parched hills to the coastal plains. This river flowed into the Gulf of Fonseca. I don't understand why they don't put rivers where they need them, like in the desert.

Another river, either in Honduras or Nicaragua, I can't remember. In the lower left you can see people bathing and washing their clothes. Unfortunately, Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta-Jones ran off just as I pulled my camera out.

Lake Nicaragua. Those volcanoes aren't on the other shore; they're islands. This lake is big. It's also seriously polluted, because Dick Cheney peed into it during an overhead flight to Chile in 2002.

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