2010 "I Think I Can" Fundraising Cartoons

I drew these cartoons in 2010 as part of a fundraiser for At the Crossroads, a San Francisco nonprofit that provides services and support for homeless youth. The idea was to draw 20-30 cartoons in 30 days, which is harder than it sounds, because my Internet was down for a while, making it very difficult to plagiarize.

(You can go to the 2010 campaign website to see the original cartoons with commentary.)

Click on a thumbnail to see the full image. Use the arrows to go to the next drawing.

(Please don't download and email individual cartoons, but feel free to share this page with others.)



beach03.jpg block_03.jpg boogie_03.jpg
catmoods_01.jpg chair_02.jpg clowns_02.jpg
curve_02.jpg dancing_04a.jpg dorothy_02.jpg
face_02.jpg hello_something_01.jpg hindenburg_03.jpg
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