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Meet the UnDrownIt Team: 

Josh started UnDrownIt while a junior at Leland Stanford University, where he majored in Business Administration.  After Stanford Josh worked at his father's leverage-buyout firm for seven years before deciding to strike out on his own.  Since founding UnDrownIt, Josh has joined the corporate boards of several firms.  Josh and his wife Brittany live with their two dogs, Ay Caramba! and NCC-1701.      
Ben came to UnDrownIt from TeleBio Inc., where he headed up the Remote Feeding Tube project.  After graduating from Stanford, Ben worked over 2-1/2 years in high tech.  Ben's an avid fan of "hip hop" music and entertains his co-workers with picture-perfect renditions of songs by "Tupac Shakur" and "Biggie Smalls."   

A California native, Ben Hamody first tried his hand at marketing as a sophomore at Stanford, where he sold Stanford T-shirts to shirtless men and women.  After graduation, Ben worked briefly as a Scoop Engineer at Baskin-Robbins before turning to high tech.  Ben's hobbies include board games and watching wind surfers.    

Josh was born and raised in Tustin (Orange County), California, where he was a member of his high-school marching band and was President of the school's short-lived Albino Club.  He later attended Stanford University, majoring in Corporate Management.  Josh's first project was ImagineIt!, a phone-based app that replaced human thinking.  Josh bowls (but not well!). 

Among the UnDrownIt team, Josh Franklin is unique in wearing glasses.  But Josh is unique in other ways, too:  after graduation from Stanford University, Josh spent a summer weeding his parents' garden before deciding to go into sales.  He describes his perfect day as "margaritas, Madden, and my mom."   
Originally from Guangzhou, China, Ben was an exchange student at Leland Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, where he majored in Finance Studies.  Ben's main hobby, outside of work, is taking tests. 

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